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shree aaigiri Hali kumkum 1kg

shree aaigiri Hali kumkum 1kg

₹300.00 नियमित मूल्य
₹255.00बिक्री मूल्य

Introducing the Haldi Kumkum Roli from Shri Agri Products Private Limited, a naturally made traditional product designed to enrich your spiritual activities. This high-quality roli blend is a must-have for all religious ceremonies, pujas, and rituals. The vibrant colors of haldi and kumkum signify purity and prosperity, adding a sacred touch to your devotional practices.

Our Haldi Kumkum Roli is made using carefully selected natural ingredients, ensuring a safe and authentic experience. The turmeric (haldi) is known for its antiseptic properties and vibrant golden color, while the vermilion (kumkum) carries a deep red hue symbolizing good fortune and blessings.

The finely milled texture allows for easy application, making it perfect for marking the forehead as a tilak during rituals or offering on the deities. Packaged with care to retain freshness, the Haldi Kumkum Roli is a delightful addition to your sacred space.

Experience the spiritual essence and tradition of Shri Agri Products' Haldi Kumkum Roli, and enhance your worship with its natural beauty and purity.

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