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So, what is a Trend?🔥

Fashion and trend are two words we primarily use to discuss EXECUTIVE styles and clothing. These two words have unique meanings although they can at times be used interchangeably. Trend generally denotes what is popular at a specific point in time while fashion signifies popular and freshest styles of hair, clothing, decoration, or even behavior. This is seen as a significant difference between fashion and trend. It is also crucial to note that these words have other meanings which enable them to be used in other fields. However, we are majorly focusing our attention on the usage of fashion and trend in the fashion industry in this article.

What is Fashion?

Fashion denotes the popular style of hair, clothing, makeup, accessories, and footwear, among others. Fashion can also identify the most admired and latest styles. Even if you are not interested in fashion, we deal with it daily. The accessories and clothes you put on daily say a lot about you as well as how you feel.

A primary constant aspect of fashion is ‘change.’ It is common to note that fashions change continuously. The significant factors that lead to this change are a reinvention of classical styles and the introduction of new styles. Generally, fashion is influenced by celebrities such as athletes, musicians, actors, as well as other popular figures.

Also, fashion is known to classify people into various groups. The style of dressing can lead to multiple styles such as punk, gothic, chic, Bohemian, arty, preppy, western, exotic, classic, etc.

So, what is a Trend?

Trend denotes to the thing that is popular at a particular point in time. The word is regularly used in relation to fashion and jewelry. In the fashion industry, the word trend denotes the fashions that are popular at a certain point in time. For instance, the power suits were the trend in the 1980s. In 2018, sky blue and purple were the trendy colors. Trends in fashion can be impacted by multiple aspects such as social, political, technological, and economical.

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