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10% Cashback on Swiggy Spends (up to ₹1500)

💰 10% Cashback on Swiggy Spends (up to ₹1500)*

💻 5% Cashback on Online spends (up to ₹1500)*

🤩 Free 3 month Swiggy One membership worth ₹1199*

🏌🏻‍♂️ Access to golf courses worldwide & 12 free lessons/year

Click here:

 Features 10% Cashback on Swiggy application (Food ordering, Instamart, Dineout & Genie). For more details Click here 5% Cashback on online spends across online MCCs. For list of eligible MCC Click here 1% Cashback on other categories. For list of exclusions & capping Click here Complimentary Swiggy One Membership for 3 months on card activation as per latest RBI guidelines In accordance with RBI guidelines, cardholder can activate the card by following one or more below mentioned ways: Making a transaction using the Credit Card, To use the card via OTP or IVR, setting PIN for the card, and enabling card controls such as online transactions, enabling international transactions etc. For more details on RBI prescribed card activation

How it works?

1. Watch the training video.

2. Share the link with everyone in your network(friends/ customers).

3. Your customer clicks on the shared link and redirects to your personalized lead generation page, where they should fill their basic details.

4. Enter employment details, address etc.

5. Select your card.

6. Enter and confirm address details.

7. Enter and verify Aadhaar using OTP for Video KYC.

8. Click on 'Proceed'. An agent will connect with the customer to complete the Video KYC process.

9. While completing the Video KYC following points are to be ensured: -

a. There should be no background noise and hence a quiet space is suggested while taking the Video KYC.

b. PAN card, pen & blank paper should be handy with the customer.

c. The answers to following security questions must be known like pin code, mother's name, DOB, etc. Customer needs to remember all the details which were filled in the process.

d. You will earn your pay out when the credit card is successfully dispatched to the customer.



1. Complete the process in a single journey.

2. Target Customers:

-Age > 21 years

-Good Credit Score

-Monthly Income > ₹20,000

3. Customers who receive salary in the form of cash will be considered 'Self Employed'.

4. Provide correct address details and specify if current address is not the same as permanent address.

5. Fill the entire address and not short-forms. Always ask your customers to enter a landmark near their address.

6. Avoid the customers with:

-Payment delays/defaults

-Applied for many cards in past 1-2 months

7. Avoid customers who have a utilization of more than 70% on previous cards.

8. Check pincodes availability.


1. All fraudulent leads will be rejected.

2. Avoid any mismatches between PAN and Aadhaar Card.

3. Customers should not be existing users of the product.

4. Multiple applications are not allowed from the same


5. Residence address and office address should not be same (for salaried customers).

Whom to buy ?

1. Primary Cardholder: 21 to 70 years | Add-on Cardholder: 18 years and above

2. Income - Salaried: 4 lakhs p.a. & above | Self

Employed: 6 lakhs p.a. & above

3. Have a good credit history and no payment defaults

4. Have a permanent residential address in India

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