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`How to remove `pakka` colours after playing Holi - 5 tips

Prepare in advance

Before going out to play Holi, make sure you apply a thick coat of olive oil on your face and hair as it is rich in antioxidants and provides a thick protective covering against the colours that will be thrown at you.


Rinse off colours with cold water

Many people use hot water thinking that it will help take off the colour. However, on the contrary, the hot water helps solidify the colours. And before using shampoo or conditioner, just wash yourself with water so that the excessive colour is removed.


Use coconut oil

Use coconut oil before using soap to help you remove colour. The oil also helps to protect against the skin damage caused by excessive rubbing.


Use curd for hair

Apply curd for around 40 minutes before washing your hair. It will make sure you do not damage your hair in the process of taking out colours.


Use Multani mitti

Use Multani mitti

Soak multani mitti 45 minutes before you apply it on your washed skin. After application let it dry out before you start peeling it off. It will help you remove colour stains at the same time taking care of your skin.

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