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Your scalp could use some care too! 💯

Your scalp could use some care too! The scalp is literally reffered to as the skin on your head and with recent knowledge that the best way to let calming oil concotions and other natural antioxidant rich products enter your body is through it, the wellness industry is all hands on deck for formulating more such products that are holistic in nature. Not to forget that good scalp health will actually help keep the skin on your face clear too. Therefore, scalp treatments are gaining popularity in the beauty and wellness sector, and we are all for it. The scalp is amongst the thickest areas of skin on the body and has more sebaceous glands and hair foliciles than any other area. So, when we say that the skin is the largest organ of your body it includes the scalp area too. But of course, the skin on your scalp requires different care, and while that is so, your overall skin health could be dependent on how you treat your scalp as well. When your scalp is plagued with dandruff, you will notice that the area on your forehead, shoulders and nape will have acne. When you massage your scalp with a concotion of therapeutic oils, it not only helps boost hair health but also alleviates stress and enhances your mood which in turn helps your skin look better due to the elimination of stress.

Harsh chemicals have already been ruled out from shampoos and conditoners due to the adverse effects it could have on your health, and following suit are more scalp care products on

trending since last year that are frankly genius. Scalp scrubs, hair teas and hair ampoules are gaining popularity all because they literally look after your scalp and offer more than what a shampoo and conditoner could do for your hair. Now, hair concerns like hair fall, dandruff, greying and much more can be addressed more effectively thanks to the introduction of more scalp-focused hair care products. With such innovative products in the game, it goes to show that scalp care is finally getting the attention it deserves which is just as much as that of skin care for the face and body

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