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5 Sarees You Ought To Have For Karva Chauth

The festive season is here again- and this time- we’re looking eagerly at the red dress code! Karva Chauth is an undisputed favorite of married women and those seeking a lifetime connection. The auspicious ritual of fasting has been through years of glamorizing in multiple Bollywood movies and lately with active sharing of Karva Chauth looks and celebrations by the glitterati on social media.

I find the Karva Chauth festival quite fascinating. Looking up at the sky, trying to get a glimpse of the moon, with the desire to binge on the spread of savories and delicacies – plenty of little details make the occasion so adorable! While sharing candid moments with one’s partner is priceless, the ritual of fasting and praying for his longevity is indeed a day full of merriment.

Color Code for Karwa Chauth

Oh, did you just about think red? I know the color is almost synonymous with the attire for Karva Chauth- red sarees, red lehenga cholis, Anarkalis, Kurtis, shararas, and more, every silhouette embracing the traditional palette!

While we love holding on to the red legacy, exploring the pink, maroon, and related palette counts for the Karwa Chauth 2022 festival. So, are you celebrating the beautiful ritual this year and looking for the best dress or outfit for the day?

Among all the fascinating variants in Indian wear, our vote goes to the Indian saree. Six yards of elegance with a time-honored charm- sarees are just right as you get into the pious mode, capture moments on your smartphones, and create memories with your dear ones.

Whether you’re planning to fast for your beloved or enjoy socializing, these five types of sarees are perfect for the occasion.

Sarees for Karwa Chauth

1. Auspiciously Red

Nothing beats the beauty of red on a day that celebrates the beauty of lifelong relationships. A red saree is an evergreen dress code for Karva Chauth, and thanks to most celebrities sporting the traditional look each year, the red dress code is also the most glamorous one for the day. So here’s a chic version of the official Karwa Chauth special saree designed with delicate motifs to give you a culture-perfect look and easy re-styling benefits beyond the festive season.

2. Colorful Edge

While red has always been my favorite color for a Karva Chauth saree, there’s no denying that exploring new palettes is an exciting idea, especially when you want to stand apart among your style squad. This wine-purple saree is a glistening presentation of ethnic elements to blend in as a suitable saree for Karwa Chauth while giving your wardrobe a swish edge.

3. Understated Elements

If you’re looking for a wardrobe with shimmering elegance to create an impression with your first step, this sea green kora silk saree perfectly fits in. With a moderately fluid weave of kora silk, the designer saree is edged with an exquisite gota patti border as just the right medley of metallic accents over the muted base for a sophisticated Karwa Chauth saree look.

4. Eternal Traditions

An easy way to break free from the overdose of reds and yet sync your festive look with the cultural vibe is to grace the occasion in a medium to dark green silk saree. This culture staple is also the most versatile outfit to have in your closet!

5. Sustainable Charmer

Karva Chauth 2022 is the right time to add this special timeless saree to your sustainable closet. The red and pink traditional saree woven with fine cotton silk yarns, is all about the much-needed comfort for a day allotted to long puja hours scheduled amidst hunger pangs!

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