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2021 Fashion Trends

2021 brings some refreshing changes in fashion that you’ll love to hear about.

For the last 50 years or so, the “latest” fashion trends were gathered from runways and fashion magazines.

Nowadays, it is the social media, youth culture, streetwear styles, and celebrities showcasing what’s cool and fresh in fashion.

Although the spring/summer season still has models wearing masks on the catwalk and the public watching designer collections via Zoom.

But, in contrast to the apocalyptic settings the fashion industry is going through right now, we see the emergence of digital trends and aesthetic clothing, so fabulous that can lift you up from the darkest depths of quarantine.

In Comparison to the neutral looks of 2020, this year is showcasing fresher and bolder designs, in part driven by a need to come back to life, after the gloomy global lockdown, and in part by the blossoming internet culture.

Without further delay, these are the current fashion trends of 2021; cheap, affordable, and easy to pull off :

1. Women’s Oversized Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets should always rest loosely on your hip – unless you’ve opted for a slightly cropped style.

The cuffs should be relatively tight, so if it hangs over your hand loosely, try a smaller size.

The hues, in this case, are almost always neutral, somehow empowering the underneath attire for an effortlessly chic aesthetic.

2. Color Clashing

Revive your classic jackets and romantic ruffles by mixing punch-packing bubblegum pink colors with vivid greens.

Color clashing is a great way to revive your wardrobe and make a fashion statement at no cost at all.

It works by pairing contrasting colors, or colors you wouldn’t usually put together, to create bold focal points.

The secret to pulling it off is sticking to simple shapes – think classic shifts, maxis, pencil skirts – and choosing shades that are the direct opposites on the color wheel.

3. Sickly Sweets Pastels

Pastels are a perennial spring favorite, but this year’s styles balance delicate with daring.

Frothy ruffles and sheer tulle add romance to short lengths and make longer styles more risqué.

When everyone else is in loungewear, sherbet lemon chiffon is a radical statement.

Very popular in the past on pajamas and loungewear, contemporary pastel looks will elevate your 1990s barbie girl to a controversial fashion powerhouse that crushes everything on its way.

Yes, matching sets and sweatsuits can still be worn around the house, but the style works best for unconventional social settings.


Vests have long held an essential sartorial role both for practical purposes and as part of suiting.

However, vests didn’t become a standard part of womenswear until the 1970s, when they entered the mainstream as casual work attire.

By the late 1990s and early 2000s, it became fashionable for women to wear vests as part of their everyday style.

The rest is history as since then, vests have taken over the runway and the streets.

The vest is pretty iconic, to say the least, and still very much in style in 2021 – just make sure you stay away from the vest-centered ensemble as part of a three-piece suit.

Don’t own a vest? DIY an old sweater by cutting off the sleeves or layering a muscle tee over a long-sleeved shirt to create a similar look.

5. Bucket Hats

The bucket hat is back, as searches have gone up by 56% since last year.

This type of hat is the ideal lockdown wear, great for hiding a headful of curls untouched by the hand of a hairdresser.

It is also a hat that screams “it’s summer!” while giving you a Madeline moment.

The shape – both charming and pretty silly – evokes a smile and a fizz of memories.

This seeming duality has given the hat longevity that somehow transcends trends.

6. Academia

Academic-infused styles got a massive boost in 2020-2021, during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Driven by social media nostalgia for school and fashion, this fashion style emphasizes education, learning, reading, writing, hence the ‘Academic’ touch.

The style can be split into three substyles: Dark, Light, and Grey Academia.

Each substyle has its own characteristics; for example, Dark Academia draws inspiration from the classic Greek arts, writing, architecture, deeply infused with Gothic elements and concepts of death.

You can go with Dark Academia style by choosing heavy knitwear in dark tones, inspired by ancient, Hogwarts-worthy libraries.

Or, Light Academia for a ‘lighter’ twist on its goth-leaning counterpart, and create an aesthetic that carries an air of refreshing positivity.

7. Y2K Fashion

There’s never been a better time to wear candy-colored sweatpants, metallic jackets, and denim on denim.”

Y2K fashion brings back bubblegum pink everything: Metallic jackets, wide-leg denim trousers, bedazzled logos, teeny-tiny bags, denim on denim, and lots of Juicy Couture.

Somehow related to couch-clothing (pastel sweatpants and hoodies everywhere) Y2K fashion has made a big comeback in 2021.

Blame it on the idea that, once we felt comfortable going outside again, our commitment to comfort didn’t waver.

For example, Y2K sweatpants are reaching a jeans-like status as almost anything can go with a pair of simple sweats.

The secret to pulling off a Y2K style is not to look frumpy or too formal.

Go for candy-colored sweatpants – the fastest and cheapest way to make you look (and feel) like a fashion icon.


Skinny jeans will always hold a special place in our hearts, but for fall 2021, looser styles like mom jeans, flares, bootcuts and boyfriend jeans are the way to go. Mom jeans and loose straight-leg cuts in particular are the most popular silhouettes, as are cross-front waists for an added fun detail. To balance out extra fabric on bottom we suggest wearing a slim-fit tee and tailored blazer, cropped sweater or elegant blouse tucked in.


Flatform espadrilles and ‘90s-inspired sandals were one of the top shoe trends this summer, and the elevated styles will definitely carry over into fall and winter. Platform loafers and lace-up boots, as well as clogs and ‘70s-esque heels, will give you a chic lift that’s also much easier to walk in than stilettos.

10. ‘90S REVIVAL

‘90s fashion has been enjoying a return to the spotlight for a few years now, but this fall we expect the trend to go even further with folks rocking the decade’s staple looks from head to toe, rather than using them as accent pieces. Pair your new favorite baguette bags with sheath dresses, tall square-toe boots and maxi-length cardigans. Or wear a cropped cardigan set over a miniskirt and sneakers with ankle socks. Layer white T-shirts and grungy boots under silk slip dresses, pull a plaid shacket on over skater jeans and try some cute overalls with a polo tee. When in doubt just channel Rachel Green and you’ll be good to go.

Source By: Mandy Meyer|Abby Hepworth


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