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Clothing For Monsoon ☔

Safe Monsoon Clothing Monsoon is here....and the dark clouds are taking along the depressing and lifeless feel away from us. Rain makes us feel happier and better. Let's enjoy the rain without worrying about our clothes and accessories as they are getting wet too.

Rain hides the sun and moistens the clothes. Let not the rains, however, moisten our spirits and hinder us from missing all of the fun. Here we shall be deliberating all of the factors that are important to dress safely for the monsoons yet look beautiful and cool as ever. Considering the incontrovertible fact that monsoons are wet seasons when things around get massively sloppy we have got to be intensely particular and careful about our selection of clothing and make-up to match it completely. Monsoon Clothing

There are certain things that should be kept in mind during monsoon. Knee-length skirts and capris are the best option for this season. We should go for half sleeves or sleeveless and frilly, flowing clothes. Use of synthetic clothes should be increased as they dry easily after getting drenched. All kinds of monsoon germs reside in soiled clothes. Therefore, clothes should be washed as soon as one gets home. Clothes should always be segregated while washing. Light colors like pastels, whites and dark clothes should be washed separately. Most of the white garments contain optical whiteners to give them the desired whiteness.If such clothes are dried in the sun, they will turn yellow or grey in color. Therefore, these should be line-dried in the shade. Many times, due to the moist, clothes start smelling. Scented water can be used in such cases to keep the apparel clean and fragrant. Scented water (like lavender water) should be added to an iron and on steam setting, should be gently wafted over the clothing. It is a great method of getting rid of stinking clothes in monsoon. Naphthalene balls are also of great help to keep the clothes safe from moist. They should be placed in cupboards and in the middle of clothing hangers. During no rains, air the clothes and accessories. This season may damage delicate clothes. We should avoid use of heavy materials like silk and jute. Thick clothing materials like denims, cords, or thick cotton mixes should be avoided as they take a long time to dry. Long flowing skirts and trousers will easily soil in the mud, whereas light colors, pastels and whites tend to get transparent in heavy rains. They also get soiled easily. Clothes that have traditional tie and dye or Rajasthani prints should be kept indoor as they tend to run color when wet. We should strictly avoid use to tight-fitting clothes during this season as they tend to cling to the body when wet. Clingy clothes, apart from being irritable, are extremely uncomfortable to walk around in. If chiffon and crepe are used, they should not be twisted to squeeze out the water as they are delicate fabrics. Too much twisting might damage these fabrics. Hence, we should avoid their use. Shoes and other Accessories

Wet shoes should be dried before putting them in a cabinet. However, they should not be dried in direct sunlight. The water should be squeezed out by hand and left under the fan to dry. This will be the best method. Wax shoe polish should be used instead of roll-ons during monsoon. Wax shoe polish repels the water and prevents shoe damage. The sole of the shoes have to be checked. They should not have a flat base as it might lead to slipping on muddy surfaces. Wet shoes should not be worn continuously as they tend to breed fungus and bacteria that can feast on the feet causing infections.Therefore, wet shoes should be dried before using again. Leather or Suede shoes easily get spoilt when they come in contact with water or muck. Open sandals that do not collect water should be preferred, whereas water absorbing footwear should be avoided. Apart from these, gumboots are the best option for monsoon. Fashion experts advice to wear comfortable socks during monsoon. It acts as a barrier between the skin and the wet shoes. Research states that direct contact of leather with the skin can cause bacterial growth. Though they get soaked, its better than not wearing them at all. Accessories also are taken care of during monsoon. Wooden beads should be avoided as they take a long time to dry if wet. Metallic, stones or plastic accessories are advisable during this season. Waterproof handbags are available in markets. Large functional bags are in fashion this season. Large bags with pockets on the outside are preferable as they offer ample space to stuff all the needs from paperwork, umbrella, windcheaters, etc to daily makeup kits. Handbags that cannot be clasped or zipped or shut completely should be avoided. The straps of the handbag should not hand lower than the elbow. Keeping certain things in mind will help us have a safe yet fashionable monsoon this season. By: Isha Tyagi Published : Aug 2012

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