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How to wear BENGALI style saree 🤩🔥😁

The saree can be worn in numerous ways, and although the draping and folding may look difficult, fashioning a saree Bengali style is actually quite easy, how to wear a saree in Bengali style isn’t rocket science after all. With a saree decorated in rich colours, the Bengali draping style is sure to give off a look of elegance and sophistication.


Steps to Wear a Bengali Style Saree:

The tips and techniques to wear a Bengali saree is:


Okay, we begin with the tucking at first, slightly above your navel. It is simple enough to tuck the top border portion of the saree and begin tucking in from the right side of the hip. Then the saree will go round to arrive at the front near your navel again, and completes a circle around your waist.

TIP : The tucking should be neat and the height of the saree on bare feet should cover the feet but when worn with heels should be just grazing the top of the feet. 


After having taken the saree once round the body you are now at your navel. Now take the saree to your left hip and tuck it there. Now take the saree, check that the reverse side of the saree will show in front. So now, take it towards the right hip. Tuck it there and take the saree once again and bring it to the left hip and again to the right side and tuck again. This means that now two very broad pleats cover the front.


Now take the rest of the saree from the pallu side and begin making pleats. When you are done with the box pleats and their formation, you can remove any wrinkles or crinkles in the saree, making sure it is smooth.

TIP : In order to make clean pleats, use both hands to hold the box pleats, and stiffen the front of your saree to make sure it is flat, and this will result in a clean and neat finish.

STEP 4: 

Take the saree pallu across your left shoulder. And make sure that the entire length goes across the left shoulder. I know this is slightly tricky, but this will ensure that the front part of your body is well draped. Pin the sarees at the shoulder to keep it secure at the places.


Now take the rest of the saree from the back and bring the pallu in front from the right-hand side just under the arm. You have two ways to handle the pallu - considering that front of the body is already covered, you could take the pallu corner, tie a keyring-or chabhi Gucchha- and make that corner heavy. Now you could either throw that across the right shoulder or simply bring it from the back of the left side and throw it over your left shoulder itself.

Wahh and you’re done!!!!!




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