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2021 Makeup Trends

The silver lining of having to spend most of the last year at home is that it's given us more time to try new things, whether that's baking, cooking, or experimenting with makeup colors you usually don't wear.

For 2021, vibrant colors and nostalgia are two major themes, which makes complete sense since many of us have been finding comfort in watching old TV shows or painting our nails cheery colors throughout the pandemic.

From glowy skin that'll make you look less washed out on Zoom to berry-stained lips, the makeup trends of 2021 are heavy on the eyes (considering we're still going to be wearing face masks), but there's also looks that cover all the bases.

Ahead are the makeup trends that are blowing up in 2021 :

1. No-Makeup Makeup

Clean and dewy skin, lightly flushed cheeks, neutral-colored lips, brushed up brows, fluttery lashes—they're all key features in creating this gorgeous no-makeup-makeup look. Wear it for day or night, for work or weekend; either way, you'll look stunning.

2. Peach Lips for 2021

Soft, easy, and supremely wearable—the peachy lip trend is perfect for every day.

3. Berry Stained Lips for 2021

The best thing about lip stains? They don't budge (aka they'll stay put through drinking, eating, and hours under a face mask). Exfoliate your lips first (you don't want the pigments to settle into fine lines or cracks) and then press a trendy, berry-colored stain right onto your lips.

4. Glossy Eyes and Lips

Just use a neutral cream color on your eyes and lips (you can even dab a little on your cheekbones) and top it off with a multitasking face gloss for a wet-like sheen.

5. Kitten Eyeliner

Liner is back, and more subtle than ever. What makeup artists are calling the kitten eye—a subtler and daintier version of the classic cat eye—is the coolest way to wear liner at the moment. “Smaller lines are starting to be a trend because they are easier to execute,” says celebrity makeup artist Tarryn Feldman. “I also feel that people want a cleaner eyeliner look, and because the kitten eye requires less liner, it can be cleaner and easier to do.” The technique is pretty simple, especially if you already have a classic cat eye down pat. The main difference is to start your liner in the center of your eye instead of tracing all the way from the inner corner. Then use short, thin strokes to draw along your lash line, and give it a tiny flick at the end for a subtle wing.

6. Jewel-Tone Eyes

Fall is the perfect time to dip into richer tones like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst. Take a cue from Dua Lipa and keep everything else neutral to make your eyes really pop.

7. Dusty Neutrals

Nothing says fall like a palette of soft neutral tones. Plus, they add subtle definition without looking too done.

8. Colorful Mascara/Eyeliner

You've seen colorful eyeliner all over Instagram, so it's only natural that unexpected shades of mascara are trending for 2021.

9. Dolphin Skin

Just like the reflective, wet skin of dolphins, this bare-faced makeup look is all about a fresh, glowing complexion.

10. Underliner

Winged eyeliner is the LBD of eyeliner — it looks good on everyone, and it will never go out of style. This season, try a twist on the classic by sweeping a bold eyeliner underneath your eye and winging it out.

11. Subtle Smokey Eyes

Soften dramatic smokey eyes for daytime by adding a touch of shimmer to inner corners with a gorgeous gold shadow or silver shadow. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal.

Source by : Erin Lukas | Bella Cacciatore


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